EURO PRO FOOTBALL offers a wide range of Soccer Programs, including 1-on-1 Player Training, Team Training, Club Services all delivered by our full-time professional soccer coaching staff.

We offer our services on location, at your soccer fields, working hand in hand with Soccer Clubs, Recreation Departments, Organizations and also at our own Technical Training Center in Burnaby.

As the premier providers of soccer training in the Greater Vancouver area, we deliver elite soccer programs and clinics, which are both inspirational and educational. These programs are age and ability appropriate for male or female players and are founded on the principles of safety, learning, and enjoyment.

EPF employs a highly motivated group of soccer education specialists to ensure that all players and clients, from an individual player to an entire Soccer Club, receive the optimum level of service on and off the playing field. EPF offers year-round, progressive programs to ensure that a structured, developmental curriculum is available to all players and clients.

From a parent looking for an individual program to a club representative looking for an entire solution - EURO PRO FOOTBALL has the answer.

We have an amazing, talented group of Euro Pro Staff members. Each pro staff member is fully certified to educate and coach young children to adults.


EURO PRO FOOTBALL aims to provide a professional and challenging training environment for the most disciplined players.

The two main benefits of having a scouting team are:

  • All of the players will be working towards the same goal.
  • The players have the opportunity to challenge themselves because they will be training amongst the most talented players.

Scouts identify potential candidates who display athletic ability and an interest to become a member of the academy, in addition to the following qualities:

COMMITMENT - the players must be committed to exhaust their efforts, and strive to perform at their best.

DESIGN - players must show an athletic drive to improve their weaknesses, take full advantage of their best qualities and display a hunger for competition.

OUR GOAL is to provide the players a positive and encouraging atmosphere that will reveal the maximum potential of both the player and the team.

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PMSC Euro Pro Football Academy
PMSC Euro Pro Football Academy
PMSC Euro Pro Football Academy
PMSC Euro Pro Football Academy
PMSC Euro Pro Football Academy